ibDNS has been my favourite way for a moment.

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I subscribe two VPN providers at present, the providers which are HideIP VPN and ibVPN.
I’m so comfortable of them, also I select either one according to how local connection is.

However, ibVPN launched the new service with VPN course several days ago, that is ibDNS.To be correct, ibDNS isn’t VPN, as the name, unique DNS of which ibVPN set up for VPN users.

For a moment that has become my favourite way to watch some programmes on BBC iPlayer or ITV player.Because ibDNS is more stable than VPN.
Of course some VPN servers of ibVPN aren’t so bad, either the ones of HideIP VPN.
But ibDNS is more beneficial for me.

I watch and listen to some programmes on th internet to study English while I work.
Since before I have wanted to do it more stable.
But VPN sometimes has much burrering, then I had to change some other servers.
That was I did it when I used either ibVPN’s server or HideIP VPN’s one.
However, in the case of ibDNS, I don’t have to change.
All I did was to set up for DNS on network card on my laptop.
Since then I can have been using it as my ISP server, of course I’m writing this article on the DNS.
Also, I can access some homepages on Japanese region with no problems.

ibVPN published and explained about the DNS on their blog.

- Launching ibDNS (Beta) – Turbocharger for Your Connection

As you can see the title, ibDNS is Beta now.
But I can recommend to use it at any cost.

I’m so glad if you would also subscribe ibVPN and use ibDNS and enjoy some programmes on the internet.:)

I’m looking forward to watching the semi-final match of “Young Nadeshiko” on FIFA.com.

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I was looking forward to watching the matches of “Nadeshiko Japan” in London 2012.
They didn’t result in getting the gold medals.
To be honest, I was felt the end of London olympics by it.

But I knew The FIFA World Cup was going to hold this year afterwards.
Of course, men’s and women’s World Cup had already ended, I knew.
The World Cup was U-20 Women’s and before long the semi-final games is going to start.

Well, Japanese team stepped up to the semi-final match ,also they are waiting for the whistle.^^

In fact I watched their matches of the group league and the quarter-final.
They are so young and as if they are my daughters.^^
However, their skills are equal to the finalists and they can get the champion of the World Cup, I think.

Their matches of the group league and the quarter-final were broadcasted on Japanese TV stations.
But I don’t like Japanese TV stations, above all for football matches, therefore I watched them on FIFA.com.:)

I subscribe two VPN providers and I use either one of them accoding to the state of the connection.
Thanks, HideIP VPN and ibVPN.
But I almost use the UK servers though I can select Ireland server of ibVPN.^^

Anyway I’m looking fprward to watching the match of the semi-final.
Japanese U-20 women’s national team is called as “Young Nadeshiko” in Japan.
Of course, I will support them in front of my laptop from 19:30 tomorrow( 4 Sem:JST).

Go,Go, “Young Nadeshiko” !! :)

The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Japan 2012
- LIVE Video Streaming

The topic of alcohol

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I drank and slept last night.
Lately I drink after I work so hard.:)

Not every day but I always wonder how much I drink.
It’s for my health? No, it’s for money.
Always I buy a can of beer and Japanese alcohol at 100 yen shop.:))

But it was coincidence that I watched the topic of alcohol on BBC World News last night. That was told on a progmamme of “IMPACT” which I watch almost every day.

As I was watching the topic and a can was in my hand, two words of “Good timing” appeared in my heart.
However, as far as I understood, a guest told that alcohol influences human health badly.

I smoke.too. Also.I drink now, though I restart to drink actually.
But I can’t help wondering “How am I now?”.

But I could sleep very well last night and today I’m very fine.

Alcohol is bad for health?

I assume that many things depend upon how much it is.
The importance of alcohol is not to drink too much.
Not alcohol itself is bad.
If you would find out “bad”, probably it’s “human”.

I don’t forget it to myself, of course.
I’m merely human, too.^^

My father and a mobile phone

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Today I heard it from my mother that my father bought a mobile phone at last.
She said, “Did a strange number call you?”
To be honest, I don’t like telephone very much,though I also have a mobile phone.
Therefore I didn’t take the call for me, in fact I wasn’t aware of it at all.:)

But I said to my mother, “What he has a mobile phone is so good.”
I can call my father in case some emergencies happen.
Of course he can call me. my brothers and my mother.

I said one more thing to my mother,
“You should teach him how to use mail. ”
I have a mobile phone to get in touch with my family by it.

But I’m wondering if he can learn the way because he isn’t good at writing and my parents said that his CV for job was wtritten by my mother before they got married.:)

Besides, my father was born in 1938 and my mother was born in 1935.

Origmi is a Japanese traditional play and brings Analogue enjoyment.

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I hear Origami is so popular in the U.K.

I was so surprised when I knew it for the first time.
Because Origami is from Japan.:)

But Origami has many potentialities to bring you benefits.

I remember I learnt it at first when I went to kindergarten.
I couldn’t make some shapes very well, but I enjoyed it.
Also, my mother taught Origami to me.

My favourite shapes were “Senbazuru”, “Yakkodako”, “Yakatabune”.
Actually I learnt them from my mother but what I can make now is only “Senbazuru”. :)

“Senbazu(千羽鶴)” correctly means “1000 cranes”, but I use it as a symbolic word.
In general that is made for some patients to recover, which is little religious.
Some of people can complete to 1000 cranes by Origami.

I challenged to it several times, however as you can guess, I didn’t.^^
It was no more than two or three hundreds.
I was tired of it on the way and couldn’t be patient to finish it.
That’s dependent upon my character absolutely. :)

Anyway, I have told you Origami can bring you some benefits.
Because to move fingers probably provoke “creativity”, “concentration”, of course “enjoyment”, etc.

At present many people play TV or computer games.
I call it as “Digital play”.
But sometimes it’s better that you play “Analogue play” like Origami,
though Japanese games are also very popular in the world. ^^

It’s said that Origami is for children.
However, I don’t think only for them.
It’s not wrong that some adults enjoy Origami
because Origami’s benefits are so important for the human.

If you have ever never played Origami, I recommend that you try it once.
Probably you can enjoy Origami even though you come from another country.

Let’s play Origami and enter into an Analogue world. :)

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