ibDNS has been my favourite way for a moment.

December 21, 2012 · Posted in VPN 

I subscribe two VPN providers at present, the providers which are HideIP VPN and ibVPN.
I’m so comfortable of them, also I select either one according to how local connection is.

However, ibVPN launched the new service with VPN course several days ago, that is ibDNS.To be correct, ibDNS isn’t VPN, as the name, unique DNS of which ibVPN set up for VPN users.

For a moment that has become my favourite way to watch some programmes on BBC iPlayer or ITV player.Because ibDNS is more stable than VPN.
Of course some VPN servers of ibVPN aren’t so bad, either the ones of HideIP VPN.
But ibDNS is more beneficial for me.

I watch and listen to some programmes on th internet to study English while I work.
Since before I have wanted to do it more stable.
But VPN sometimes has much burrering, then I had to change some other servers.
That was I did it when I used either ibVPN’s server or HideIP VPN’s one.
However, in the case of ibDNS, I don’t have to change.
All I did was to set up for DNS on network card on my laptop.
Since then I can have been using it as my ISP server, of course I’m writing this article on the DNS.
Also, I can access some homepages on Japanese region with no problems.

ibVPN published and explained about the DNS on their blog.

- Launching ibDNS (Beta) – Turbocharger for Your Connection

As you can see the title, ibDNS is Beta now.
But I can recommend to use it at any cost.

I’m so glad if you would also subscribe ibVPN and use ibDNS and enjoy some programmes on the internet.:)


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